Radio Pre-Show Happy Half-Hour

30 Minutes before the Classical KDFC broadcasts, 20/21 season subscribers and donors are invited to join a Pre-Show Happy Half Hour pre-concert talk online, hosted by Music Director Donato Cabrera and with special guests from the program.

On episode three:

CONDUCTOR               Donato Cabrera
GUEST ARTIST            Annie Wu, Flute
COMPOSER                 Kevin Puts (1996-1999)

Puts                              Network (1997 commission)
Mozart                         Flute Concerto in G
Rachmaninoff            Symphony No. 2 in E minor, Op. 27

Original broadcast date: 9/18/2016  

California Symphony Broadcast—EPISODE THREE

By invitation, for 20/21 season subscribers and donors. Email or call 925.280.2490 for more information.