Cellist Inbal Segev leads the orchestra in a DANCE to open the 2022-23 season

The Lesher Center for the Arts

1 hour and 55 minutes, with intermission

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What’s Interesting About This Concert

  • Hungarian composer and 20th century music education pioneer Zoltán Kodály wrote the Dances of Galánta based on folk music he heard as a child.
  • GRAMMY® nominated composer Anna Clyne’s DANCE is performed by Inbal Segev, the artist for whom it was written. Each of the five movements in the piece is inspired by a line in a poem by 13th century mystic Rumi.
  • Ukrainian composer Myroslav Skoryk’s Melody for Symphony Orchestra has become so popular that it is now considered Ukraine’s second national anthem.
  • One of Tchaikovsky’s most exuberant compositions, Symphony No. 2 was written while spending the summer in Ukraine. The piece melds Western and Russian symphonic structures with the music of Ukrainian folk songs, reflecting the confluence and collision of cultures through centuries of coexistence and conflict.

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The Program

KodályDances of Galánta

ClyneDANCE for Cello and Orchestra

SkorykMelody for Symphony Orchestra

TchaikovskySymphony No. 2

Featured Artists

Artistic and Music Director, Donato Cabrera

Inbal Segev, Cello

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