Robert Hoexter


Joined the orchestra: 1989

Originally from Ann Arbor, I have been playing cello professionally since 1974, starting with the Louisville Orchestra, then the Colorado Springs Symphony and Colorado Opera Festival, and here with the California Symphony since 1989 as well as a number of other groups in the area from Santa Cruz to Modesto. I have a Master’s degree in performance from the University of Louisville. I also have a degree in Computer Science, and have been working as a software designer and developer for many Silicon Valley companies from tiny startups to giants like Oracle and Yahoo!.  I also enjoy photography, carpentry (I designed and built my own house), art and SCUBA.  My wife Karen, also a musician, and I live in Half Moon Bay.

Favorite musical memory

Years ago, I was performing with the Louisville Orchestra with a rather young Itzhak Perlman who was playing the Beethoven violin concerto. I was so captivated that, when he began the last movement I simply forgot to come in, and my stand partner had to kick me and remind me to play.