Rossmoor California Symphony Society Meeting

From Wizards to Star Wars: The "Wondrous World" of composer John Williams

Scott Foglesong

Hillside Clubhouse at Rossmoor—Diablo Room

Harry Potter, Star Wars, E.T., Schindler’s List, Superman… The list of movies that John Williams has scored is long and impressive.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music faculty member Scott Foglesong, whose encyclopedic knowledge and infectious passion for classical music was on full display for last summer’s inaugural Fresh Look adult education program, is back to take on the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed film music composer,  John Williams.

Foglesong previews the California Symphony’s March 16 & 17 ALL JOHN WILLIAMS concerts at the Lesher Center. Williams has an unmatched 51 Academy Award nominations, with wins for Star Wars, E.T., and Schindler’s List—all featured on this program.

Open to Rossmoor California Symphony Society members.  Members are Rossmoor residents and a limited number of non-residents are allowed to join. For details, please call RCSS Vice President Jimmy Gahl at 925.954.1473.