California Symphony Broadcast – EPISODE TWO

On Classical KDFC

Broadcast on Classical KDFC

This is a new monthly broadcast series—the fourth Sunday of the month—features eight California Symphony concerts from recent years, led by Music Director Donato Cabrera.

Highlighting each performance is a work by one of their “Young American Composers in Residence”, the unique opportunity that allows a composer a partnership with the orchestra for three years.

Hosted by KDFC and with comments from Donato Cabrera, it’s a chance to hear old favorites from Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms and Grieg mixed with brand new works, played by the ensemble they were written for.

On episode two:

CONDUCTOR               Donato Cabrera
GUEST ARTIST            Adam Golka, Piano
COMPOSER                 Dan Visconti (2014-2017)

Visconti                       Breakdown (2015 commission)
Grieg                            Piano Concerto
Tchaikovsky               Symphony No. 4

Original broadcast date: 5/3/2015