MEET MVP ALLEN BIGGS – Principal Percussion

Allen has been performing with the California Symphony since the very first concert back in 1986. He’s survived exploding canons and thrives on physical challenges like open water swimming in the Bay. Meet Principal Percussionist—and triathlete—Allen Biggs!

Name:Allen Biggs
Position:Principal Percussion
Section:The best one—Percussion!
Joined California Symphony:At the very first concert at the Rheem Theatre! Been playing with the group ever since.
Hometown:The Richmond District of San Francisco
College:San Francisco State University, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Favorite Sporting Memory: Swimming across the Golden Gate this past October.  Was absolutely amazing, took 35 minutes.  Also, doing triathlons.

Favorite California Symphony concert or memory: Signaling the Cannoneers for the 1812 Overture, and disappearing in a cloud of smoke. My tuxedo smelled like gunpowder, and the next year I used a light saber to signal them.

Most Looking Forward to Playing in 23/24:  Harrison Violin concerto in March

Favorite Hype Music: Genesis Tonight, Tonight

What is one line you might say to hype up your section before the big concert? HAVE FUN.

What’s the best thing about your section? WE HAVE ALL THE FUN.

What’s the coolest thing about your instrument?   Always different.

Thoughts on parallels between playing music and playing sports? All a mental game, so being calm and focused is key.  Starts with the breath.

Do you have a message for our fans? Love you guys, bring your friends!

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