The Boat of Viet Cuong

On Saturday, May 8, Next Week’s Trees, the first commission for the resident composer Viet Cuong, receives a world premiere like no other in the 30 year history of the California Symphony’s Young American Composer-in-Residence program. Viet’s piece was inspired by a Mary Oliver poem, and so we commissioned a poem celebrating him and all our Young American Composers-in-Residence as part of the Symphony Gives Week fundraising sprint.

As a donor, you make possible incredible new works like the one you’ll hear in Episode One of the Poetry in Motion video series, and you launch the careers of rising composers like Viet and the nine accomplished alumni who came before him.

Give $100 or more during Symphony Gives Week through May 8 and in addition to supporting the future of the orchestra, our acclaimed resident composer program, and music education that boosts the futures of at-risk local students, you’ll also receive a one-of-a-kind poem, typed by hand on an old typewriter, and tailored to the topic of your choice.

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We are so very happy to be in the same boat with you. We couldn’t wish for better companions on this journey! ❤️

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