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The Lesher Center for the Arts

1 hour and 55 minutes, with intermission

COVID Safety

What’s Interesting About This Concert

  • West Coast Premiere: Next Week’s Trees by Young American Composer-in-Residence Viet Cuong (2020-2023) was inspired by a Mary Oliver poem, Walking to Oak-Head Pond, And Thinking Of The Ponds I Will Visit In The Next Days And Weeks. Presented online in May 2021, the work receives its long anticipated in-person premiere at California Symphony.
  • Bay Area native Nathan Chan’s musical career began when he debuted as a conductor with the San Jose Chamber Orchestra at the age of three. He performs Edward Elgar’s soaring and iconic Cello Concerto.
  • Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony is his most often performed and beloved symphony. A musical theme representing fate threads through the entire piece, transforming from dark and menacing in the first movement to joyous and triumphant by the fourth and final movement.

Patrons must be fully vaccinated and masks are required. For details, please visit www.californiasymphony.org/COVIDsafety.  Thank you for your cooperation!

The Program

CuongNext Week's Trees (West Coast Premiere)

ElgarCello Concerto

TchaikovskySymphony No. 5

Featured Artists

Composer-in-Residence 2020-23, Viet Cuong

Artistic and Music Director, Donato Cabrera

Nathan Chan, Cello

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