Double Bass Dimensions—Episode One

with Principal Bassist Andy Butler

The Swan is, of course, probably one of the most famous melodies of all time! Ironically, the double bass variation from Camille Saint-Saëns Carnival of the Animals, is the elephant. It’s wonderful, gruff, and full of heaviness. The Swan, which is the cello variation, is light, elegant, soaring, and transcendent. It just felt soothing to play and I wanted to share its richness with our audience.”—Andy Butler, Principal Bassist

This four-part original mini-series produced by principal bassist Andy Butler explores some of the great melodies in classical music in quick, bite-size episodes—to educate, entertain and enliven in just 6 to 10 minutes each!

Episodes premiere at watch parties with Andy exclusively for subscribers and donors and are available to the public the next day.

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