Our Commitment to Subscribers


We ❤️ California Symphony subscribers!

Whether you have been coming to concerts for 30+ years or you joined us more recently, you are a part of a remarkable story that’s garnered national attention, with audiences growing, subscriptions up a massive 63% over four years, and performances added to meet demand. We are so glad to count you among the California Symphony subscriber family.

Traditionally, subscribers enjoy special benefits, including reduced-price tickets, discounted tickets for friends and family, and priority when it comes to seating selections. But what does that mean if we can’t be in the hall for one or more concerts this season?

Just as you have shown your commitment to us, we want to make clear our commitment to you, our loyal subscribers.

1) Reduced price tickets

We continue to reward your loyalty by ensuring you get the best deal on tickets, and your discount continues to apply to tickets you buy for friends and family.

2) Be first in line

Subscribers will be the first to be the first to know and the first to be accommodated as our season evolves. If social distancing concerts take place—that is with blocks of seats and/or rows left empty to comply with directives from the County—subscribers will be the first ones to be offered seats. We will prioritize seating in the same way we seat renewals, i.e.:

  1. Renewing full season ticket holders who are also donors
  2. Renewing full season ticket holders
  3. Renewing 4-concert ticket holders who are also donors
  4. Renewing 4-concert ticket holder
  5. Renewing 3-concert tickets who are also donors
  6. Renewing 3-concert subscribers
  7. New subscribers and subscribers who missed the renewal deadline, processed in chronological order from earliest received to most recently received.

3) Keep your seats through 21/22

Renew for the full season of Saturday or Sunday concerts by the May 29 deadline and as soon as we are able, we will honor your 20/21 seating preference. What’s more, we will save the same seats for you for the 21/22 season. By renewing by May 29, you have right of first refusal to keep your preferred seats through the 21/22 season. (Full season subscribers only.)

4) Buy with confidence

If we are unable to hold concerts or you don’t feel comfortable attending, you will be offered the option to donate in support of the orchestra and its music education programs, exchange to another performance in the season, or get a refund – no questions asked.

5) Because you are an arts supporter

By subscribing and by donating, you are investing in the future of an orchestra you value in your life and in our community.

Together, we have a track record of making the Symphony more accessible, inclusive, and appealing to audiences. You impact the lives and change the futures of at-risk Bay Area students, you promote rising composer talent, and support classically-curious adults.

Our mission remains unchanged and the work still needs to be done, in partnership with you, our wonderful family of California Symphony supporters.

To subscribe, please mail in your subscription renewal form, renew or subscribe online, or call us at 925.280.2490.