Season Tickets—On Sale Soon

For the 2018/19 Season

Season ticket holders are some of our favorite people, and we reward your loyalty with the best prices we offer all year long, first right of refusal on keeping your seats every year, 20% off extra tickets for friends and family, free ticket exchanges, and early access to single tickets and special event tickets.




See the Savings

When we say season ticket holders get the best deal, we mean it. See how the ticket price* changes for someone who waits to buy their tickets.


*Prices based on actual example from last season at a popular performance in the Premium section, compared to the same seat for a 5-concert subscriber. All pricing and programming subject to change.


Seat Map & Pricing


How Seating For Season Tickets Works

Full season subscribers always have first right of refusal to keep their seats until the renewal deadline (May 19, 2017). At that time, we will release all unrenewed seats and begin processing change requests, and then will assign seats to new season ticket holders. Seating change requests are processed in the following priority order, which is determined by patron longevity with the organization, package size, and donor level:

  1. Renewing full season ticket holders who are also donors
  2. Renewing full season ticket holders
  3. Renewing 4-concert ticket holders who are also donors
  4. Renewing 4-concert ticket holders
  5. Renewing 3-concert ticket holders who are also donors
  6. Renewing 3-concert ticket holders
  7. New season ticket holders and subscribers who missed the renewal deadline (processed in chronological order from earliest received to most recently received).

Through this process, we reward your loyalty and make every attempt to honor as many change requests as possible so we can maximize your enjoyment of California Symphony concerts.


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