1. Worst O Holy Night – Best Lip Sync

This Alabama actor achieved infamy after his lip sync video went viral, garnering almost 700,000 views on YouTube. The actual singer is Steve Mauldin, though we’re not sure he wants the credit…

2. The Simpsons — Doh, Holy Night

Cowabunga! Get in the holiday spirit with our favorite animated family.

3. Mariah Carey – Highest Holy

It may not be the most iconic, but it’s definitely the highest-pitched O Holy Night of the season.

4. Most Cringeworthy

If Lifetime movies are your guilty pleasure, then you may enjoy this next one. We can’t watch…but we can’t look away, either.


5. Most Heartwarming – Home Alone

Booby traps and burglars aside, this iconic holiday movie also gave us the fuzzies with its use of O Holy Night.

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