A Matching Challenge to Raise $200,000 by October 31

Join a larger than life matching challenge for a LARGER THAN LIFE season. It's our biggest fundraising campaign of the year, and your impact is doubled because every dollar is matched up to $200,000 when you give by October 31.



What Does Your Gift Support

Your gift supports the work of the California Symphony in the 2017-18 season, including:

  • An expanded series of exciting concerts featuring stellar guest artists and our amazing team of professional musicians under the direction of Music Director Donato Cabrera – all right here in Walnut Creek!
  • Sound Minds – changing the lives of local children who live in poverty and for whom music education is truly a transformative force.
  • Championing emerging composers and amplifying their impact on classical music through the Young American Composer-in-Residence program.
  • And more — see what your gift at any and every level supports.



Your Gift Doubled

Longtime California Symphony supporter Sharon Simpson has stepped up again, challenging us to raise $200,000 by October 31. If we succeed, she will match every gift, dollar-for-dollar, which doubles your donation.


A Message from Concertmaster Jennifer ChoConcertmaster Jennifer Cho



For more information, or if you would like a staff member to help guide you through giving, call us at 925.280.2490 or email us at We are grateful for your support!


Join the 200: See Your Name Added Here

  1. Sharon Simpson
  2. Dale and Carole Landon
  3. Janet Welter
  4. Luman and Marilyn Hughes
  5. Kenneth Bartsch
  6. Dan and Spalding Ashley
  7. Eric Brink and Gayle Vassar
  8. Katherine Jarrett
  9. Carol Smith
  10. Carleen Goeckel
  11. Richard and Shannon Merrill
  12. Barbara and Elva Rust
  13. Betty Ready
  14. Elena Bloedorn
  15. George and Jody Benkly
  16. John and Barbara Ohlmann
  17. Barbara Kuklewicz
  18. Amanda Druckemiller
  19. Ruth Reeves
  20. Peter Reich
  21. Sharon Ward
  22. Rod Mickels and Lisa Franzel
  23. Cecelia Tutt
  24. Richard and Barbara Barlow
  25. Jon Dickson and Deedre Formusa
  26. Dolores and Hans Kruger
  27. Frank and Sylvia Kafer
  28. Susan Abrahamson
  29. Elizabeth Wyrick
  30. Richard and Sigrid Jarrett
  31. Michael Lazur and Mary Ellen Rockdale
  32. Eric Brink and Gayle Vassar 
  33. Ralph Wagner Jr. 
  34. Richard Schulze
  35. John and Marilyn Knowles 
  36. Bob and Carlotta Dathe
  37. Marilyn Foreman
  38. Elizabeth Summer
  39. Dan and Jackie Renke
  40. Sally and Robert Burley
  41. Elaine Reisert
  42. Judy French
  43. Joan Semonsen 
  44. Barbara Stallings
  45. Ronald and Katherine Stupak
  46. Howard C Hansen
  47. William Stevenson
  48. Marian and Roger Gray
  49. Barbara Hodgkinson
  50. William Armstrong
  51. Donato Cabrera
  52. Jonathan Sousa
  53. Glenn and Caroleigh Casebolt
  54. Carter Wells